Leaving a better world for the kids of tomorrow.

Happy Hunny was built from the realisation that the fast-fashion industry contributes to about 20% of global wastewater, 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions and uses more energy than the aviation and shipping sectors combined. Our solution may not save the world overnight, but we hope that by extending the life cycle of clothes, our collective contribution may just bring a smile and a cleaner world to the next generation.

Our Mission

To reduce waste by giving kids’ clothing a second chance to spread some happiness.

Say Hi to the Happy Hunny team

Ryan Smith


Kirtanya Sahadeo


Sell with us?

By bee-coming a Happy Hunny seller, you can rest assured that you will:

Contribute to a sustainable society

Sell your items easily and securely through our platform, to our trusted buyers

Spread happiness to little Hunnies everywhere!

Want to start helping the planet, one garment at a time?

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Why buy with us?

When you purchase from Happy Hunny, you’re not just getting another t-shirt, dress or shorts, but you’re connecting with other parents like you, who want a cleaner environment for your little ones to grow up in.

Keep it stylish!

Keep it sustainable!

Our Promise

Premium, pre-owned kids brands for the best value.

Premium, pre-owned kids brands
for the best value.