Premium, pre-owned kids brands
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We know you want to do good- we also know that you want your kid’s clothes to feel good for them. That’s why we prioritise thorough quality control checks on the items sold through our platform.

About Us
  • Selling, simplified

    We’ve taken the hassle out of selling your stuff, with a super simple process.

  • Environmentally friendly

    Buying and selling with us means you’re contributing to a kinder & less saturated fashion industry.

  • Happiness for all!

    Premium clothing, gently handled with love for bouncing little bees.

Our Promise

Premium, pre-owned kids brands for the best value.

“As parents, we love seeing our little hunnies with style, even if it costs us more than it seems worthwhile…but the result – they wear it once, and much prefer to kick back in what they consider “comfy”. After chatting to a few parents, we realised we were not the only ones who had a sick pair of kickers that was worn a few times before the kids had outgrown them, or “simply didn’t feel like it anymore”.

While sitting on the patio and sipping coffee, we decided it was time to get our hands sticky in an attempt to find a solution – we were done spending a fortune on clothes that were outgrown a few months in, or weren’t worn (tags still on!). We contemplated a solution that would benefit us, our friends and our family. This simple patio chat grew into a buzz that could be heard and Happy Hunny was born.

Our meaning for creating the platform stems from wanting to provide a sustainable future for our kids, concentrating our efforts further on reducing the carbon footprint of the fashion industry as a whole, while creating a pocket-saving alternative for parents. Bee-a part of our hive today!”

Ryan & Kirtanya, co-founders

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